Caroline von Hessert-Hodge

Artist’s Statement

     Slowly over the years I started incorporating collage elements into my paintings until one day I realized I was more a collagist than a painter. Now I ‘paint’ with fabric, magazine images, photo image transfers, string, thread, buttons, my own handmade paper, beads, lace, feathers, shells, discarded jewelry, photographs and tintypes…you name it…with paint, colored pencils, ink or watercolors. It excites me to combine mixed media with a unique random object. Some of my art pieces are whimsical, some symbolic or mysterious, others nostalgic…usually with a touch of humor hidden within the layers. I delight in bringing together disparate elements to create surprising effects. My collages took over where my traditional painting left off, allowing me the complete spontaneity and unlimited freedom to experiment with anything and everything.

     In addition to collages, I have returned to my painting roots in the form of hand-painted tiles. Working in collaboration with artist Lucey Malone, we create complex and fanciful one-of-a-kind murals, etc.

     Caroline von Hessert-Hodge graduated magna cum laude from Syracuse University with a BFA in Studio Arts.

Masquerading as a normal person day after day is exhausting


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